Randomized, placebo-controlled study.
The study involved 69 healthy women.

The research aims: to evaluate the impact of the NoAGE nutritional supplement on the changes in women’s facial skin and blood parameters.
Age of participants: 35-45 years.
Inclusion criteria: women who had not had botulinum toxin or tissue filler injections for at least 6 months before the study and had not taken any other nutritional supplements for 1 month before the study.
Other requirements: simple skin care routine at home. Any intake of other products, cosmetic or interventional skin procedures, which may have an effect on the skin during the study, was not allowed. Participants were advised not to change their lifestyle or usual habits (physical activity, nutrition, usual daily water intake etc.), do not take other supplements, avoid sun exposure, solarium.

NoAGE group showed the decreased skin erythema
and inflammation.

Publication of a scientific paper

Publication of a scientific paper

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